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Father's Day is fast approaching!


Father's Day is coming! What will you get for your hero?

My father is one of my heroes. He was my first example of male leadership and as a child, I knew that he was my protector, my provider, and my pal. He was the one that I wanted to please and when I scored a run or got an A on my homework, it was his smile that I worked for. Heroes deserve more, heroes deserve something unique, and heroes deserve something special on their day.

Soon Father's Day will be here and dads all across the country will receive ties, coffee mugs, and/or Starbucks gift cards. I always struggle with buying a father's day gift because I know that my dad has everything that he wants. So, this year, I am going to buy him a deck of Kentucky Basketball HeroDeck playing cards. Why? Because he loves the Wildcats. I know that he is passionate about His team and he will enjoy showing off the cool gift that his son gave him.

There is something about making that connection with your dad through sports or music or even movies. If your father loves music, you could buy him a Rock and Roll HeroDeck and watch his eyes light up as he scans each unique image and song quote. If your dad enjoys movies, then purchase him a Hooray for Hollywood HeroDeck and watch him smile as he looks over the actors and actresses that have provided him entertainment for the last 40 years.

So, this Father's Day, why don't you go to www.herodecks.com and buy your hero a gift that will warm his heart, promote his team spirit, and become a conversation starter with all of his friends when he pulls out a HeroDeck and says, “Look at this gift my son/daughter got me for Father's Day!”


Check out the newly updated HeroDecks website!

Check out the newly updated HeroDecks website!

We are excited to present for your viewing pleasure...the new Herodecks website. The site features many of our original images of your favorite heroes, sport and non-sport. We will be adding more of our original HeroDeck images in the future. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the original artwork of each Hero image is available and if you are interested, please contact us by email or call us at 513-929-0019 for prices. Furthermore, note that each of our decks have versions and there are many collectors who want to collect all of the HeroDecks as well as each updated version of the decks featuring new players. So, if you  are a collector, and you want to order some past versions of a deck, contact us and we will try to accomodate you. Enjoy the new website and order some HeroDecks today!